LE COQ SUR MER                                  VILLA ELEONORE                                             DE HAAN             






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Charming without being too crowded, De Haan is one of the seaside resorts of the Belgian coast to enjoy a privileged status. The villas “belle époque” located in “the concession” are classified, and present together with the rail station and the thirty shops in charming Anglo-Norman style of the beginning of the century a typical atmosphere to De Haan. Few high constructions, roofs with orange tiles, small balconies, complete this timeless picture.





De Haan has kept its familial vocation and its natural treasures: white sand beaches, 157 hectares of remarkably preserved dunes and broad extensions of woods, reserved for walkers and horse riders.






A pleasant village! In De Haan, more than elsewhere, any movement is done by bicycle and as it is not very big, everyone speaks and knows each other.



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